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Many of you have seen the horrific news coming out of Nepal where over 8,000 people have lost their life due to two earthquakes registering over 7.0 on the rector scale. As I write this, many people are still without food, shelter and basic needs. The recovery is going to take years for many people who have lost homes as well.

Gratefully, many of you have responded by praying and giving to help those in need. In God’s sovereignty, our teams in Nepal have trained over 2,000 leaders from all over Nepal. Some of these key leaders have been mobilized with your donations to go directly to the needy areas. 100% of all of the donations are going directly to Nepal (Western Union, even waived their transfer fees up to now). Close to $20,000 has been given or pledged to date to help those in need. Beyond the immediate needs we are looking at how to help in the rebuilding processes as well. Not only are the physical needs being cared for, but these Godly leaders are praying with people and sharing Christ as well. We have had reports from our contacts of people coming to Christ as they reach out to them in their difficulties!

Not only do I want to personally thank you, but here included is a note from my pastor at Crossroads Community Church, Dave Vance thanking our congregation for their support. This is a note of thanks to them and to everyone who has participated in any way.

If you would like to give just click on the Earthquake Relief Fund option on the side of this webpage.


Chris Davis
Founder and Executive Director
Global Youth Ministry Network

Nepal Earthquake from Crossroads Community Church on Vimeo.

Help Nepal

The home of believers from a church of a pastor we have trained.

The home of believers from a church of a pastor we have trained.

I am sure most of you have heard of the horrible devastation caused by the earthquake in Nepal. The latest numbers are saying over 4,000 have died, many thousands are without clean water and they have had to sleep outside as tremors continue to put their homes in danger. Our heart and prayers go out to our friends there.

This is a personal tragedy to the ministry of Global Youth Ministry Network and me. I have been to Nepal several times and have friends who are Global Youth Ministry Network staff, volunteers and many recipients of our trainings there (fortunately everyone that we know, so far, is safe).

We are mobilizing those we know there personally to be the light of Christ in tangible ways to serve the needs of those in Nepal.

Please support so we can mobilize the 2,800 Christian leaders we have trained in Nepal (link provided on right).

Here is a personal update from our Nepal Director (Jomesh Tamang) who happened to be here in the USA and is now in Ohio with us.

“My family (Puja, Alma and Nimeeshe) is safe back in Nepal. Jessica’s (our ministry accountant) mother slipped off the stairs while running out of her home and broke her leg, which required an operation, please pray for her. Bishal (our training staff) is doing well. Too bad that I am away from them as they go through this tragedy, but I believe God has a purpose in this. The hardest part is that they have been staying and sleeping outside on the ground together with the Church family and the relatives. The last I talked to my wife they were finding it hard to keep the children and everyone warm because of the rain and outside temperature of 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

The immediate needs are: TENTS/ SHELTER, WATER AND FOOD. I am gathering funds together with my GYMN International family here in the USA to help the people in Nepal. THE NEED IS MASSIVE IN NEPAL. Please pray and give to help the people in Nepal so that the body of Christ will be the center for hope in the midst of this dark time.”

Chris Davis
Executive Director and Founder

Global Youth Ministry Network exists to equip Christian Youth Leaders Internationally through intense seminars and seminar follow up (advanced trainings) using transferable Biblical principles in order to supply national trainers who can spread the training worldwide.
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