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As we finish 2014 and look ahead to 2015, we have seen God do some incredible things in people’s lives around the globe. We have together trained close to 1600 leaders from 12 different countries! What an incredible ministry we have together!


We have one more final opportunity for you to personally impact others this year that we want to make you aware of.

A generous donor has offered up to $1500 in funding for the ministry in order help us start 2015 off well.

Your opportunity comes in because this offer is a matching opportunity. Here is how it will work:

Those current regular donors who increase their monthly amount will see the amount they increase matched for the first 3 donations. (For example if you currently support at $100 a month and you decide to increase your monthly support by $25 a month ($75 increase over 3 months). Then the matching donor will contribute another $75 making your increased donation amount double!)

If you are a new monthly donor your monthly pledge donation will also be matched over the first 3 months.
(If you pledge $100 per month ($300 over 3 months), the matching donor will donate $300 as well! Doubling the amount of impact over the first 3 months!)

We deeply appreciate you walking with us both financially and prayerfully!

Contributions can be made via the PayPal link on the right or by mail ~ 91 Park Ave W. Suite G, Mansfield, Ohio 44902. (All donations made or postmarked on or before December 31st will be eligible for a tax deduction for 2014).

Looking forward to 2015 together!

Needs List – Can you help with?

Our teams have real needs that you could help us with (some are financial and others are ministry opportunities).

Travel expenses for 2015 Heart of the Leader — $2000 or a portion of this total. Participants and mentors need assistance to participate in part two of The Heart of the Leader event for 2015.

Computer network needs — $500. Our computer network needs updated to insure quality and timely operations as we serve leaders globally.

Computer for volunteer office staff — $600. Our volunteers are using computers that take more time to upkeep than time they spend assisting in the ministry.

Office help in basic administration (contact the office for details), flexible days and hours.

We are seeking a volunteer finance/operations manager for our office in the USA. (Part or full-time.) Drop us a note or contact the office for details. Flexible days and hours.

Donate by mailing a check to Global Youth Ministry Network (91 Park Ave. W., Suite G, Mansfield, Ohio 44902) or by clicking on the PayPal link located on the right hand side of this page. Remember to specify if you want your donation to go toward a specific need.  Contact us at 419-756-4433 with any questions or to volunteer your time.

Heart of the Leader

Global Youth Ministry Network exists to equip Christian Youth Leaders Internationally through intense seminars and seminar follow up (advanced trainings) using transferable Biblical principles in order to supply national trainers who can spread the training worldwide.
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